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The PEWO-pack machine range has been designed for stretch banding of different types of collations such as cartons, stacks of paper, bottles, etc., single or multi-packs. If shrinking the ends should be requested e.g. for heavy-weight packages or pack security reasons, a PEWO-therm is added to the machine.

Low film consumption by the self-measuring film transport system; the patented film stretching system allows precise adjustment of the required film tightness. Servo drive technology enables optimisation of all motions and functions. Parameters for product and size changes are stored and retrieved at the touch of a button. The machines are electro-pneumatically controlled for individual adjustment of each machine motion which guarantees safe product handling.


Compact and stable construction in modular style design. Separation of the drive and production units eliminates dust from the drive units and provides optimum access for all service and maintenance tasks. The modular style design allows easy cleaning of the machine. Machine construction from high-grade steel and aluminium, all surfaces are refined or of corrosion resistant material.