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Maucher Ltd. features a fully equipped in-house ink laboratory. With probably the most modern ink lab equipment in the region and a very experienced technician, we provide excellent printing support services to our customers.

Our ink formulation computer is on-line with Zeller-Gmelin Germany and always up-to-date with the latest ZG ink series. In combination with a Spectro-Densitometer, this system is able to deliver exact Colorimetric and densitometric functions as well as color difference equations.

The result of the new formulation is then verified with our test printer machines for Offset and Flexo, mini uv-dryer and colour viewing light cabin.

If you wish to procure your own in-house ink lab, Maucher Ltd. can assist you in selecting the right equipment.

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Printing engineer Mr. Sana Ink laboratory Light cabin and ink mixer
Test printer offset, flexo and uv dryer Comprehensive ink stock Ink lab in daily use