Computer mixing systems :
 Technical Features and
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The colourmetric systems of Maucher Ltd. are a powerful tool for the printers day-to-day work. They consist of various hardware and software components.

With the ink formulation software, the recipe can be found by indicating the desired Zeller+Gmelin ink code. The software can also find the best match from the database for a colour sample measured with a spectrophotometer.

The ink formulation software is provided directly from Zeller+Gmelin
via the internet to your lab computer. It is always up to date.
Spectrophotometer Standard balance Rotation ink mixer

We also provide all necessary hardware for a fully-fledged laboratory. Photospectrometer, standard balance, ink dispenser, ink mixer, uv dryer, etc. Please contact us.


- Exact mixing of special colours with basic colours of Zeller+Gmelin
- Mixing of individual colour tones exactly to the pre-defined quantity
- Easy application, this ink formulation system is a versatile and flexible
- Receive many colour mixing formulations for 1 colour tone and reduce your dead-stock with our master formulation system

Roi after appr. 2-3 years for an average sized printer due to a possible, modified order system ( Only basic colours, no more airfreight orders )